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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

First off, I want to congratulate Amy D. of Gentry, Arkansas for winning my Spring Giveaway Extravaganza! She posted a pic of her prize package on Facebook, so I think she's pretty excited about receiving it!
Thanks also to my new webmistress, Carol. My newsletter and its sign up form are functioning with style.
Secondly, Amazon & Barnes and Noble are running a sale on all the books in my Cursed Princes series! Kindle & Nook versions of my full-length novels are $1.99 Novellas are only .99 cents.
If you haven't read any of my books yet, now is a great time!
Finally, I just tried my first mint julep and let me say, I'm obsessed. Nothing is more refreshing on a spring day. Okay, I may not be at the Kentucky Derby or in the south at all, but I love sipping this delicious beverage on my porch while I watch the sun go down.
Enjoy this classic recipe!
To highball glass or silver Julep cup, add minted simple syrup, then 1 cup crushed ice, bourbon, and splash of water. Add enough of remaining ice to almost fill glass. Stir well and garnish with mint sprig.